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Bridging Digital Skills Gap for a Productive Work Life

Learn More to Work Less with CLaaS®

We deliver Competency Learning as a Service over the cloud, on demand for tangible career and business outcomes.

Cultivate 21st-century digital competencies and job-specific skills in a practical & applied manner with measurable outcomes aligned to industry skills frameworks

Progress with improved KSAs with workplace and higher-order skills utilization and on-the-job skills mastery using real-life projects through a 70:20:10 work-integrated learning pedagogy

Personalized learning journey with EASE delivery method — 
self-directed e-learning ‘bite-sized’ modules, live flipped classes, social learning, and personalized mentoring

Higher Education CLaaS®

Work-study degrees with digital career induction for in-demand digital careers.

Graduate as an experienced global-ready talent with international degree and skills certifications.

Lifelong Learning CLaaS®

Work-integrated digital skilling with job placement support for individuals both experienced and inexperienced.

Get inducted into in-demand digital career with skills certification/diploma and a master’s degree option.

Enterprise CLaaS®@Work

Rapid digital transformation and workforce upskilling with learning in the flow of work.

Build offline2online (O2O) business with digital capabilities to achieve exponential growth.

Pan-Asia Digital Skills Coalition in Singapore

We are bringing together tripartite stakeholders, from across the public, private, and non-profit sectors to foster multi-dimensional integrations for borderless lifelong applied learning platform.

Embark on a journey that shapes the future

See the stories of how our learners transformed their academic as well as their career journey together with eduCLaaS.

Borderless Digital Skilling Platform

We are supported by glocalized coalition of learners, employers, education institutions, technology vendors, government, and non-profit agencies for delivering inclusive digital transformation and workforce incubation across Asia with scale.

Be Future-Ready with CLaaS!