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News and Announcements

eduCLaaS Delivers Successful Digital Skills Discovery Workshop in Collaboration with ASSOCHAM


Mumbai, India, 25 February 2023 – eduCLaaS successfully concludes the Digital Skills Discovery Workshop, equipping businesses with essential skills needed for the future-ready Digital Economy on February 25 in partnership with the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM).

The workshop aims to explore opportunities for upskilling and supporting micro small and medium-sized enterprises’ (MSMEs) digital transformation efforts. Participants were guided in a practical step-by-step guide to identify the digital competencies and proficiencies of their organization, discover the gaps, get hands-on in assessing and analyzing them, and finally create an enterprise-wide digital upskilling plan for a holistic digital transformation in 90 days.

According to eduCLaaS Founder and CEO, Leslie Loh, “The Digital Skills Discovery Workshop is a comprehensive program designed to equip MSMEs with the knowledge and skills needed to drive digital transformation and build a diverse, scalable digital workforce. By participating in the workshop, businesses will gain a deeper understanding of the digital revolution and SME transformation, including the necessary steps for rapid growth in consideration of the future of work. Participants will receive a personalized digital maturity assessment, skills proficiency analysis, and gap report, with a detailed summative action plan to guide them in starting a self-service digital transformation. Additionally, the workshop will help businesses discover the necessary digital competencies and proficiencies required for their business, with job role mapping as an indicative tool.”

Finally, Neeraj Joshi, Director of the International Division ASSOCHAM expressed his appreciation with the collaboration saying, “We are delighted to have partnered with eduCLaaS for this initiative. Initiatives like this will help MSMEs stay competitive in the global market. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with eduCLaaS to support the growth of the Indian business community.”

eduCLaaS is committed to supporting business growth through digital transformation with workforce digital upskilling for individuals and organisations. By equipping leaders and employees with the necessary digital skills, eduCLaaS enables them to navigate and leverage the latest technological advancements to sustain their business in today’s digital landscape and take it to the next level.

About eduCLaaS

eduCLaaS is a Pan-Asia Digital Learning and Talent Platform which aims to deliver talent and enterprise growth with CLaaS® for inclusive digital economy transformation. We connect higher education students, working adults, enterprises, employers, and post-secondary institutions for digital upskilling, digital career induction, and digital workforce development.

CLaaS® delivers Competency Learning as a Service to bridge the digital skills gap with competency-based curriculum, work-based learning pedagogy, and blended work2learn journey. CLaaS® courses have received accreditations from education regulatory bodies and over 100 international universities.

eduCLaaS, with a network of 100+ campuses, has served over 50,000+ learners, and 2,000+ enterprises across Asia.