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Digital Commerce Foundations

RETSF-Digital Commerce Foundations (Synchronous and Asynchronous E-Learning)

5 weeks part time / 2 weeks full time Instructor-led Live & Mentor-led Blended Learning

Develop a Website using WordPress and implement digital commerce applications using Shopify

What do I Get?

Acquire e-commerce skills

Learn e-commerce and digital marketing skills and prepare yourself to build, launch, operate, optimise and scale an e-commerce store.

Acquire Website Development Skills

Learn how to develop effective website for your enterprise using Wordpress 

Acquire Shopify Implementation Skills

Acquire Shopify Implementation Skills Learn how to implement Shopify solutions for an organisation

Audience and Certificates

Target Audience

  • Enterprises that want to upskill their employees with end-to-end e-commerce skills.


GCE A Level or Polytechnic Diploma, NITEC in any specialization or GCE O Level with minimum 3 years of relevant experience.

Graduation Requirements

  • Minimum attendance of 75% across the course.
  • Should be assessed Competent (C) in the module assessment.


  • Statement of Attainment by SSG, Singapore: RET-PCM-4002-1.1 E Commerce Campaign Management

  • Statement of Attainment by SSG, Singapore: RET-CAR-2001-1.1 Customer Acquisition Management

Blended Learning Journey

(60.5 Hours)


12 hours

Projects / Assignments

27 hours

Flipped Class/Mentoring

21 hours


0.5 hours


RETSF-Digital Commerce Foundations (Synchronous and Asynchronous E-Learning) (TGS-2018501497)

Lithan’s Digital Commerce Foundations enables the Learner to master basic digital marketing & ecommerce Skills by introduction to  various digital marketing channels and ecommerce platforms. A Learner learns the requisites of an ecommerce business and ecommerce management, including uploading product details online, setting up online payments, inventory and supply-chain management and delivery of products. They will also be able to set up ad campaigns on Google Ads & Facebook and e-mail marketing campaigns, to promote their products.

Session Plan

More Details

Learning Outcome


By the end of this module, the Learner should be able to gain the following knowledge:

  • Understand the profile data and it’s expandable profile capability (i.e. expandable profile with custom field) 
  • Understand the process to upload/import contacts from the external system 
  • Understand the structure of the Customer-Centric Campaign (mini-sites) and how to deploy and track the performance of this mini-site 
  • Understand the concept of multi-country, multi-fees structure product catalogue
  • Understand the Forms Builder Engine and its application 
  • Understand the features of WordPress to create a website
  • Understand the concept of EDM campaigns (e.g. Drip Marketing), a configuration of email templates and EDM blast management
  • Promote every customer-facing page using social mediums such as Facebook & LinkedIn


By the end of this module, learner should be able to gain the following skills:

  • Add contacts/profile through the bulk upload of records from an external system to the contact database 
  • Configure the search filter for the Member Directory
  • Create a website using WordPress features 
  • Construct the mini-sites with the custom form build from the Forms Builder Engine. 
  • Launch mini-sites to drive campaigns to promote various courses to target segments based on Personas
  • Track and monitor the leads originated from the minisite
  • Define a multi-stage EDM campaign thematic plan, followed by the respective EDM campaign activities corresponding to the theme/plan 
  • Define an email template with content for each of the EDM campaign activities 
  • Schedule the EDM blast and track the response for the EDMs sent

Other Information

Funding Validity Period: Until 04-Aug-2022

Course Developer: Lithan Academy

Course Code: TGS-2018501497

Pricing and Funding

SGD 3000.00


Fee Description

Detailed Breakdown


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