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Business Analytics Implementation

4 weeks part time per module Online Synchronous Sessions by the Instructor & Mentor

Learn Business Analytics and Acquire the Implementation Skills

What do I Get?

Understand Data Analytics and Explore the Tools

Understand Data Analytics and its types and applications to the business, and how it helps the management get actionable business insights. Explore data analytics tools for business implementation. 

Perform Data Extraction and Cleaning and Configure Data Model

Connect the data for analytics, learn to extract and clean data sources to develop a data warehouse. Configure data model with data tables, relationships, and schemas to perform data analytics as per business requirement. 

Develop Reports and Dashboards

Develop paginated reports with table, matrix, and a free-form layout from the analysed data. Create visualisation dashboards to deliver business insights.  

Identify the Business Needs to Provide Business Analytics Solutions

Obtain the business requirements from your organization and identify data points to perform data analytics in Power BI. 

Perform Data Cleansing and Data Transformation

Collect data from different sources, perform data cleansing, and transform the data based on business requirements to create a data model using power BI. 

Implement Business Analytics Solutions

Create reports using relevant Power BI visualisation techniques, develop Power BI dashboards, and get signoff from your stakeholders after the User Acceptance testing. 

Audience and Certificates

Target Audience

  • Candidates employed with small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) or large corporates, who want to acquire future-ready digital skills set for better career prospects or growth within the current organization.


English Proficiency: Reading and writing proficiency in English

Academic Qualification: Minimum 1 credit in GCE O level or its equivalent: Matured candidates with relevant work experience (candidates will be selected on a case-to-case basis)

Experience: Not mandatory, but relevant experience is preferable, to be analyzed on case-to-case basis

Graduation Requirements

  • Minimum attendance of 75% for all the sessions
  • Should be assessed as ‘Competent (C)’ in the modules of the course


  • Statement of Attainment by SSG, Singapore: ICT-DES-4001-1.1 Data Design

  • Statement of Attainment by SSG, Singapore: ICT-DIT-4006-1.1 Data Visualisation

  • Statement of Attainment by SSG, Singapore: ICT-DIT-2005-1.1 Data Engineering

Blended Learning Journey

(121 Hours)


15 hours

Flipped Class/Mentoring

22 hours

Projects / Assignments

83 hours


1 hours


NICF-Data Queries and Visualization Basics (SF) (Synchronous and Asynchronous E-Learning)

You will get started on your analytical journey by learning how to write queries and modify data using Transact-SQL, as well as visualise data using Power BI. Acquire the skills and knowledge to analyze, visualize, and report information using Microsoft Power BI along with basic concepts of Data Modelling, SQL Transformations, Statistical Foundations, and the various forms of data analysis. 

Session Plan

More Details

Learning Outcome


By the end of this module, you will gain following knowledge:

  • Learn the Syntax of Transact-SQL, work with data types,& tables, and manipulate data using T-SQL
  • Understand how to programme using Transact-SQL
  • Learn how to perform visual analysis to gather insights using Power BI
  • Learn different types of data visualisation techniques using Power BI
  • Work with different types of data sources connecting Power BI


By the end of this module, you will acquire following skills:

  • Assess a data to be visualised based on volume, velocity, and variety 
  • Create reports using the relevant Power BI visualisation techniques 
  • Develop a data visualisation model that conveys insights to the audience 
  • Develop Power BI dashboards 
  • Write programmes using T-SQL 
  • Implement error handling and transactions using T-SQL 

Other Information

Funding Validity Period: Until 2-March-2023

Course Developer: Lithan Academy

Course Code: TGS-2019503110

NICF-Analytics Implementation (SF) (Synchronous and Asynchronous E-Learning)

You will learn to implement Microsoft Power BI for your business, starting from identifying various data sources, extracting, cleaning & transforming data, connecting Power BI to data sources, using various tools available in Power BI to create dashboards and reports, and present the findings to the stakeholders. 

Session Plan

More Details

Learning Outcome


By the end of this module, you will gain following knowledge:

  • Data specification and requirement gathering  
  • Data source identification
  • Data extraction, cleansing, transformation and loading
  • Various types of data analysis
  • Power BI functions and features
  • Deployment of dashboard and reports created in Power BI


By the end of this module, you will acquire following skills:

  • Identify data and data sources required for Analytics implementation
  • Extract, clean and transform Data
  • Create Data Models using the transformed data
  • Visualize data using maps, graphs, charts etc. in Power BI
  • Perform statistical analysis/ correlation analysis of data to draw business insights  

Other Information

Funding Validity Period: Until  02-Jan-2024

Course Developer : Lithan Academy

Course Code:  TGS-2018500976

Pricing and Funding

SGD 6000.00


Fee Description

Detailed Breakdown


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